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Hey there,

My name is Kory Hilpmann and I'm a musician. I began my journey teaching myself piano and guitar throughout middle and high school and started writing my own songs. I wanted to learn more so I went on to study classical and jazz piano and composition at Elizabethtown College in Pennsylvania, where I received my Bachelor of Arts in Music. I fell in love and chose to pursue a career and life in music.

The path through college led me on a winding road but always surrounding music. I applied to "E-town" for their renowned music therapy program, then shortly switched to music education and discovered my love for teaching. Though I found myself not wanting to teach music in the traditional classroom setting, I discovered a love for teaching piano lessons one-on-one. So I instead pursued my interests in performing, composing, and songwriting as a BA in music and I minored in communications with a focus in film and media. Now, having taught piano at multiple music stores & studios since 2017, I've expanded my private lesson practice and developed successful virtual piano lessons during the pandemic. I've left my part-time job with my dad's local excavating and construction contracting business DPH Construction to pursue a teaching, performing, and freelance music career. 


I'm an independent artist with music on all major platforms. I play piano, guitar, and harmonica. If you like indie folk-pop singer/songwriters then maybe you'll like me!

I'm a film composer for short films and other mediums such as reels, commercials, trailers, audio series, and podcasts. I have been nominated for Best Original Score and Best Sound for my collaborative animated short film Beanstalk in the International New York Film Festival (INYFF) 2021 for my original music and sound design.


I also compose music for several Stock Library sites. In college I found a passion for film music and composing film scores. I've worked on several indie short films, demo reels, and community TV projects. I would love to continue and delve more into film and video game music!

I also took a liking to arranging for college a cappella groups from my time at Elizabethtown. I got involved during college and have continued to arrange for male, female, and co-ed a cappella groups, such as Phalanx, Melica, and Vocalign as well as high school singing groups. I do original arrangements for any song in any style. You can also purchase music from any previous arrangements I've done. I can make alterations to any existing arrangements specific to your group's needs. I also do choral, band, and orchestra arrangements and part transcriptions or piano reductions.

Please feel free to send me an email with any questions on your musical project, performance venue or lessons. Talk to you soon! 



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