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  • Piano

  • Guitar/Ukulele

  • Music Theory

  • Songwriting

  • Composition

  • A Cappella Arranging


Private Music Lessons

In and around Berks County, PA 
Virtual and in the comfort of your own home


Virtual Lessons
via Zoom or FaceTime
(For instrument lessons students will need a phone/laptop setup with view of instrument)


Contact for Pricing:$
Half Hour | Full Hour
All times available for both In-home & Virtual


In-Home Lessons
Virtual Lessons


"Kory is by far the best piano teacher out there! Having taken piano as a child then as an adult, I’ve had three teachers in my life prior to Kory and he is amazing! His knowledge of piano theory and technique is huge and professionally polished, as well as how he got me to improve my sight reading, which has been highly effective. Kory takes the time to plan his lessons for me, makes highly detailed notes, suggestions and of course, homework for me to work on in between lessons and he even takes painstaking time to supplement my lessons if there is a technique I am having trouble with, or trouble with reading certain notes in a song. Kory knows how to break things down and explain them and doesn’t move on until I get it. He is patient, supportive, encouraging and nonjudgemental. Being a high school teacher for 23 years myself, I can say that Kory is an awesome, dedicated and skilled teacher as well as an excellent pianist."

~ Chris DR.

"Kory is a wonderful piano teacher and our 12-year-old son has been taking lessons for the last several years. He is easy going, friendly and great with kids. My son says “he is flexible with what kinds of music to play, very proficient and just a nice guy”. We have seen a lot of improvement with his reading of music, confidence playing in front of others and general piano playing. Our son Chris has learned to really love and appreciate music in general because of his time with Kory. I highly recommend Kory as your music teacher! Five Stars!!"

~Kelly & Chris S.

"My daughter has been taking piano lessons with Kory for several years, and we could not be happier with her progress and overall experience. Kory is friendly, connects well with his students, and creates a fun and productive learning environment. In addition to learning how to play fun music, he also incorporates technique, music theory, improv, and composition into his lessons.  Virtual lessons have been great, as the teaching and learning process is very much the same. Kory can see our keyboard, and she can see Kory's, which allows for an interactive playing experience as if they were in-person. Having individual piano lessons only a click away has actually been a huge convenience for my family's busy lifestyle. I would definitely recommend Kory to anyone who wants a fun and comprehensive approach to music lessons." 

~Erik P.

"Kory has been a great resource as I am starting to get back into piano after a 12-year hiatus. He starts each lesson with warmups and practice pieces. He is great about sending practice follow-ups, pdfs of music to practice between lessons, and answers any questions that come up in between our sessions. Since our sessions are virtual, he uses a phone mount so i can see his hand positioning and demonstrations. Kory is prompt to our sessions, sends reminder texts the morning of, and is flexible in finding a time that works for both of us. Highly recommend!"

~Caitlin D.

"Kory was really nice to work with overall! He clearly knows what he's talking about and is super accepting of whatever level you're at in your piano playing!! He gave me many different tips to help me improve!! 5 stars all around! 100% recommend!!"

~Quinn L.

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