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Filmscore Demo Reel


Demo reel of my original scores & sound design.

Original Works



PS Beanstalk Poster-10.jpg



**Nominated for
Best Original Score for INYFF 2021**

Animated short based on the Jack and The Beanstalk folklore with a twist!

This film was animated and co-directed by
Tom Cassese.

Film composition & sound design done by me.

Currently in film festivals with 7 nominations and won 2 awards!

(Click on poster image for a private link to view)
Password: "fefifofum"

"Pentecostal Activity" : Short Film

It is the Pentecost season, and when the board of a church in a small American town meets to figure out how to help the congregation during a pandemic, they experience bizarre occurrences that only add to their problems. Directed by Andrew Schwarz.

"It Comes In Waves" : Short Film

Nelson wrestles with questions constantly streaming through his mind, why does he live alone? Is he weird for wearing socks in bed? Who else wears socks in bed? It would be weird for him to ask people about what they wear on their feet to bed, right?
Directed by Jacob Hopkins.

"Mundane" : Short Film

A silent short with an improvised acoustic piano score. The story follows a young male stuck in the mundane routine of his everyday life until he has finally had enough. Directed by Jacob Hopkins.

Filmmaker Demo Reel

A filmmaker demo reel with a string quartet and piano underscore. Directed by Jacob Hopkins.

Local TV Bumper

A bumper track for Oakland, NJ's public local TV channel with an acoustic piano score. 

"Means To An End" : Short Film

An experimental split-screen short with a live improvised acoustic piano recording. The left screen shows in real time, while the right screen shows time in reverse. The two screens briefly meet up in the middle. Can you spot the moment they meet? Directed by Kory Hilpmann.

"Siblings" : Horror Short

A satirical horror short with an orchestral underscore. A story of two siblings stuck in a demonic blood ritual with perpetuating consequences. Directed by Nate Smith & Matt Miller.


Director Testimonials

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